Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime

Whether you are accused of a simple offence such as unlawfully accessing a computer or you are accused of more serious matters like developing and executing malware attacks; you cannot face the prosecution without Lawyers with experience of defending such matters.

We have won cases involving high profile television set-top boxes, devious hardware distributors placing viruses, trojans in newly supplied machines.  We also have specialist expertise in defending those accused of online fraud and the malware employed to exploit weaknesses in the subjects computers. We have developed specialisms in defending intellectual property and copyright prosecutions relating to file-sharing.

Cyber cases are complex and highly technical; you must only instruct expert solicitors with relevant experience. In addition to our Cyber Crime specialism, we have a vast amount of experience in defending all types of criminal cases, including some of the biggest and most complicated fraud cases ever prosecuted in the UK.

Our team has the forensic skills needed to  defend difficult cases aggressively and successfully. In addition, we have access to a wide variety of hardware and software experts who can be called to give expert evidence in your favour.  We have the resources and the skill to handle large volumes of evidence whilst scrutinising the same without compromise.

we also offer a free initial consultation for you to discuss your case with us. We can act for you at the police station for free and thereafter, we can help assess your financial eligibility for legal aid. Please contact us to arrange your meeting, whether face to face, online or by telephone.

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