Pre-charge Police Station Advice


Pre-Charge Police Station Advice

The period between being arrested and being charged can be lengthy, with some people being on bail or ‘released under investigation’ for weeks, months, or even years.

During this period, the police are there to investigate the matter, however there is not ordinarily anyone there to specifically assist the accused person.

We here at Langfield Law assist people accused of a crime before they are charged. This can lay the foundations for a defence at court, or even prevent a person being charged with any offence.

We are available 24/7 to assist at any police station.  Call us on 0203 904 3232 if you receive a request to attend a voluntary interview or ask for us at the police station upon your arrival.  We have lawyers available to cover police stations nationally.

Contact us for a prompt response

If you are contacted by the police and asked to attend the police station to be questioned, call our police station solicitors so that we can assist you throughout the process on  0203 904 3232. If you have already been questioned without a solicitor but are required to go back to the police station at a later date, we can still help you. For those arrested and taken to the police station unexpectedly, they will be offered the services of a solicitor when they arrive at the police station. You have the right to use a solicitor of your choice and can ask the police to contact Langfield Law for you.

We can also sometimes assist when asked to do so by friends or family of someone who has been unexpectedly arrested and taken to the police station.

The Advantages of calling Langfield Law:

Having a pro-active lawyer acting on your behalf can ensure a positive result.

The police are in general trained to present themselves as friendly and neutral in the beginning.  You’ll often hear it said that ‘we just want your help to get to the bottom of what happened’.   Sadly, the reality is somewhat different. They want you to come to the station in order to prove your guilt in a recorded interview which would later be played at court. Officers of all forces are highly trained in getting you to tell them only the information that suits them. But they aren’t lawyers. This means that having an expert criminal lawyer with you can give you an advantage in the police station, and could have a huge impact on the eventual outcome.

We take the pressure off the situation and are with you every step of the way

The police know that if you have a legal representative with you, they will have to provide him or her with relevant about what you are being investigated for prior to the actual interview.  They also have to let you have a sit down with your lawyer in private for as long as you or i deem necessary. This gives you time to decide how to respond to the allegation rather than simply being thrown in interview. It is often in such circumstances safer to allow your lawyer to give your side of the story on your behalf in a pre-prepared statement so that you don’t have to worry about what to say during questioning.

We deal directly with the police both before and after interview so you don’t have to

We can arrange interviews to your convenience and follow matters up post interview with those investigating. Remember, formal arrests are becoming far more rare with voluntary interviews now becoming the predominant way in which matters are dealt.