Defending Extradition

Due to the growing ease of cross-border travel crime has become generally more international than ever before.

Consequently, national police forces are increasingly cooperating and its now become far more common for one country to seek to extradite an individual to another for investigation or trial.

If you are being investigated or charged in an overseas jurisdiction, then extradition could be a very real risk for you. In particular, if you visit any country that has entered into a formal agreement with the investigating jurisdiction, you could face a real risk of detention and/or deportation. As such, it is important to seek reliable and expert legal advice.

We have expert knowledge on extradition law and can provide accurate and up to date advice on where you stand and your options.

Our legal team can advise on your legal position, both here in the UK and in the jurisdiction to which you face possible extraditions  We can also help assess the level of threat that extradition poses as well as the safety of any travel plans that you might have.

We help you to fight Extradition proceedings

Our solicitors have an excellent track record of providing sound advice, assistance and advocacy to clients facing extradition. We give our clients the help they need at every stage of proceedings, from the moment of arrest through hearings and appeals in magistrates and Higher Courts.

We use a firm grasp of both extradition law and the facts of each individual case to ensure we do everything possible to fight extradition and, where extradition proves unavoidable, obtain the best outcome possible.

Please contact us should you wish to discuss your matter further.