Money Laundering

Money Laundering

We have a team of expert serious fraud lawyers experienced in defending money laundering cases.

Many ordinary businessmen and professionals find themselves accused or somehow involved with money laundering issues. Money laundering cases are often very complex and even offences for small amounts such as £10,000 usually carry a prison sentence. It is important that a case is looked into thoroughly to establish whether a defence can be made.

Note that often the spouse or business partner of a suspect can be unwittingly brought into an investigation into money laundering simply because the investigating authorities say they ‘should have known’ that funds were from a criminal source. We have a team of experts in this area to help you through the difficulties you are bound to encounter. This is an area of law which is specialised and requires meticulous attention to detail.


Why choose us to represent you?

Our criminal team have been involved in a number of high profile criminal cases in recent years. We deal with all levels of criminal offences and our expertise in the field is unrivalled.

  • We fully understand the impact of a criminal investigation and trial on our clients, who can expect our support from the outset, including pre-charge advice.
  • Our criminal team focus on your case and are committed to providing the highest quality advice and representation.
  • We are approachable and offer practical, sensible advice.
  • We are renowned for setting the highest standards in courtroom advocacy.
  • We prepare cases meticulously, ensuring that we have a total grasp of the detail.
  • We work to win cases at an early stage wherever possible.
  • We pride ourselves on our ability to represent clients of all backgrounds.